What is impulse Trend?

Impulse Trend is our premium trend replicated Automated system. Impulse Trend is one of the few stock trading systems that work efficiently and effectively. Our expert research team has formulated Impulse Trend, a statistical and technical trading strategy that captures short to medium term trends. It is the perfect blend of technical and statistical signals to adapt to market situations. This 100% disciplined, systematic and mechanized stock market approach trades in highly liquid assets like Nifty Future and Bank Nifty Futures of Indian stock market, which has a volume of more than 5000 cr. on a daily basis. The best thing about Impulse Trend is that Machine Learning mathematics is used to optimize the frequencies dynamically.

Why Impulse Trend?

If you are seeking for a tool to trade in the stock market, Impulse Trend is for you. Impulse Trend is one of the unparalleled technical tools for stock market analysis and trading. It is based on years of constant market analysis and experience, where your money is parked with limited risk. You can remain stress free and leverage our expertise to gain profits as the market gains pace. One good thing that our clients love about Impulse Trend is that we don’t have any rules. We use best trend following systems and believe in complete transparency; we do not have anything to hide from you.


We treat our clients as partners, and not clients! 

How Impulse Trend works?

Impulse Trend allows clients to replicate our trading strategies in their own separately managed broker . That means each client can keep their funds in their own name and decide for themselves exactly when they would like to invest in.

Once a client has sufficient funds to invest, Impulse Trend will provide trade recommendations at appropriate intervals. 


What is Impulse Trend’s past performance?

Impulse Trend is one of the greatest developments by our research experience. Here's the backtest performance result of the Impulse Trend we have developed for trading in Nifty Future & Bank Nifty Future. The system has given steady returns since 2011.If ₹ 3 lacs invested in Impulse Trend in Jan’ 2011 has made more than ₹ 27 lacs by December’ 2016. That is 800% returns after all cost in just 5 years & 6 months.