Course Offering – Stock and Share Market Training

Impulse Technical provides an effective and all-round share market training Courses that meets industry standards. Also apart from the above Theory based Courses we also conduct Industrial training and Workshops on stocks, derivatives options, futures, Commodities and mutual funds, as well as live, hands-on trading sessions. All our course syllabus are designed by expert professional traders and Market analysts.

Moreover We mentor our students using Live demo trading accounts for a period till they master the concepts in order to make profits in a consistent manner. Below are the financial training Courses we conduct based on the Participant Profile & Skill Objectives in line with Industry requirements. Each course has it’s own time duration and well defined curriculum.

Technical Analysis Batch (Basic)

Technical Trader Batch (Advanced)

Pure Profit 5 % (Pro)

Technical Webinar ( Online)

All the above ensures a better understanding of market Dynamics in an ever changing Global economic climate which is why we believe in providing a proper handholding which ensures the transition from being an amateur to an expert stock market professional .