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Impulse Technical is owned & promoted by Harshubh Shah, an engineering dropout turned Stock trader having 8 Successful years of experience in Financial Markets. He started trading Stocks in 2008 with the initial capital of ₹ 5000 & turned it 80 times between 2010 - 2011. He is a Full Time Nifty Trader & firmly believes in Consistency, Not Accuracy!

We are Central India's First share market Training classes offering LIVE MARKET TRAINING by experts. IMPULSE TECHNICAL Provides High-end financial and business skill training.

Our experienced Faculty include Industry professionals who have held key positions in their respective fields related to stock and share trading industry and are well adept in imparting hands-on live-trading instructions. As part of IMPULSE TECHNICAL high quality training courseware we use topic specific videos and interactive software as part of it’s training platform.

Our expert research team has created a Stock Trend Performance analysis tool called "Impulse Trend". This tool encompasses a wide variety of statistical and technical trading strategy that captures short to medium term Stock trends in order to adapt to market situations. Impulse Trend is based on Machine Learning mathematics used to optimize the trading frequencies dynamically.

"What is in it for me?" after taking The Stock Market Training Course

All our courses Like Intraday Nifty & Bank Nifty, Jackpot Stock Strategy etc prepares our students to make a career in the financial industry and helps them to become a through Professional  in the fields related to Stock Market, Broking firms, Mutual Funds, futures & Options and Derivatives.

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The Team Behind Impulse Technical

Harshubh M Shah

Harshubh M Shah

Founder & Technical Strategist
Harshubh bootstrapped and founded Impulse in 2012 to overcome the hurdles he faced during his decade long stint as a trader. He is an astute trader with over a decade of experience and has a track record to brag of being profitable for 36 months in a row. He specializes in designing trading systems to profit from market inconsistencies using various derivative strategies. He ensures that we don't compromise by taking excessive risk. Workouts, Cycling, Playing Guitar and adventuring is what he does outside of Impulse.
Amruta Rewatkar

Amruta Rewatkar

Partner & Head of Trading
Amruta is a Backbone of Impulse Technical, taking care of Terminal Operations & Fund Management. Her area of specialty revolves around helping organizations including Impulse grow by optimizing revenue streams and creating sales and marketing strategies. We take pride in the way we support our clients, and Amruta is responsible for this with her never ending the flow of energy. She loves Travelling, Gymming, Shopping and Back-testing technical strategies!
Mr. Rajesh S. Nair

Mr. Rajesh S. Nair

Channel Partner/ LIIT
Technical Trader & Trainer of Indian stock market by profession, Mr. Nair is having a vast experience of around 14years in Indian corporate; during this tenure, he worked with groups of companies like TATA, HDFC, ICICI & BIRLA in a capacity of Branch Manager & above. He is MBA from Nagpur University & currently designated as director of FINGO Solutions Pvt Ltd. He loves going on long rides on his Bike.
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Our History & Values

Impulse Technical was established on 10th December, 2012. Formerly known as Niftymint Research is a leading financial firm in Central India.

Our Values are, Honesty, Transparency, Customer Satisfaction, Financial Wealth & we strongly believe in Your Success is our Profit!


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To provide an information resource to the business community across the globe & Successful implementation of our strategy to gain high returns with less risk consistently. The betterment of our clients is the first and foremost goal of Impulse Technical. We want to help our clients to get higher returns out of their investments. We want to get established as a stock training institute to help people understand the financial market in a better way.


Impulse Technical
The Vision of Impulse Technical is to be The Leader in the field of Indian Stock Market Research consultancy in terms of the high returns and the consistency on a regular basis. We plan to achieve this by providing highly profitable, accurate and timely investment advice to our clients based on their different investments needs.